Unwind from your Work day with Hatha Yoga

Its Wednesday, the work is pilling up, your posture is slumping, the demand is high and it’s getting hard to keep your cool in the office!


With an increasing demand in our daily schedules,there is a rapidly growing rise in stress levels, RSI and work-related injuries. Anxiety, depression, tension and stress are becoming commonplace. So, finish your work day on a high note!

Unwind and rejuvenate your energy stores with a Hatha Yoga class after work today.

How Lunchtime and after work classes can affect your day

* Reduce anxiety  and cope with stress               * Develop strength and endurance

* Improve RSI and work-related injuries               * Build core strength and stability

* Promote a healthy posture                                   * Cultivate co-ordination & balance

* Relieve pain and discomfort                                * Increase mobility and flexibility

* Clear focus & decision making                          * Motivate self confidence

* Detox and lose weight                                           * Aid insomnia


Bookings:  Call  9248 0168 / 0402 669 676        Web:    www.yogasatife.com

Where:       Level 5,  332 Pitt St                               Cost:  $25 casual
(near Liverpool St) Sydney CBD                       $$$AVE with multi class passes

Times:        Wednesdays 5.10pm  – 6.10pm

Onsite Corporate Yoga and Workplace Wellness Programs and Private Sessions available

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