Turn your Work Day Around!

Yoga & Pilates in Central Sydney CBD

 Yoga and pilates develop skills for a healthy posture, a supple body and a sound mind.


With an increasing demand in our daily schedules, there is a rapidly growing rise in stress levels, RSI and work-related injuries. Anxiety, depression, tension and stress are becoming commonplace. So, turn your work day around! 

 How lunchtime and after work classes can affect your day

* Reduce anxiety and cope with stress                                  * Develop strength and endurance

* Improve RSI and work-related injuries                                  * Build core strength and stability

* Promote a healthy posture                                                  * Cultivate co-ordination & balance

* Relieve pain and discomfort                                                * Increase mobility and flexibility

* Clear focus & decision making                                            * Motivate self confidence

* Detox and lose weight * Aid insomnia

Bookings: Call 9248 0168 / 0402 669 676

Web: www.yogasatife.com

Where: Level 5, 332 Pitt St (near Liverpool St) Sydney CBD

Cost: $25 casual ,$ave with multi class passes


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