Testimonials for Yogalates

My experience is that Mirella’s classes offer means by way of meditative movement to restore, strengthen and restructure the body” M.B. Collis – B Ac Dip A

Mirella provides a safe, supportive and nurturing class which leaves me feeling appropriately challenged, refreshed and relaxed. Most importantly perhaps, I no longer experience the injuries I was occasionally getting in general yoga classes and I am feeling stronger. The subtleties of movement bring me a profound sense of aliveness.” David – Business Manager

I have thoroughly enjoyed Yogalates. It is the highlight of my week. I love the stretches, poses and relaxation techniques I have learned during this course. I will continue Mirella’s classes. Nicki – Administration

“My abs & pelvic floor are stronger. The Yoga focuses on using the larger muscles, while the Pilates aspect brings my attention to the internal mechanism and the unwinding of the vertebrae. I am definitely experiencing more awareness in my body.” Vicki – Masseuse/Counsellor

After suffering for years of chronic neck, shoulder and back pain from pruning and tractor work, I am finally pain-free. I used to be very stiff and am now flexible. I am so grateful for the huge changes Mirella’s guidance and Yogalates have made in my life. Robin Wolf – Farmer

These classes have been an amazing experience. I have never done any yoga, this class was fun and allowed me to find a true love for the practice. Mirella’s teaching is a true gift with supportive guidance, patience and a beautiful way of teaching the practice. Smilia – Trademark Attorney

The yogalates classes are most enjoyable.  Mirella the instructor is pleasant and very patient. We basically have a personal instructor.

I never thought I could ever touch my toes at my age (60s), let alone do yoga. I haven’t felt so much energy for many years. An added bonus is my arthritis has improved. Edna – retired


The class was well instructed by Mirella and in particular I have a few problems with hip/knee and she always had a good suggestion for variation on the pose to make sure no injury occurred. Therese Lazaro

Testimonials for intenSati

I am becoming more Motivated Focused Confident and unblocking of negative thoughts and replacing them with my own. Thanks to YOU Mirella for sharing in your wonder Class each night! Helps me get one step closer to the Life I want and deserve.  Louise Hefferman – Nurse

Through intensati, I have experienced substantial spiritual growth an development.   I have more energy, my stress levels are reduced, my balance and flexibility greatly improved. Also, my neck pain has dramatically improved.   I am surprised how quckly the improvement came and I recommend Mirella to both my patients and my friends.   Paul Ameison – Naturopath

What a fabulous class! Mirella’s classes are always so uplifting and motivating. After participating in her intense sati class I felt on top of the world and ready to take on the world! All negative thoughts had completely left my mind.   Ann Forster – graphic design student

One hour of Intensati on Tamarama and i am ready to challenge anything! very inspireful moment , full of joy, of enthusiam! Your inspireful and positive energy and smile are very contagious! One of the coool experience not to miss in Tamarama. Thanks Mirella !  Sophie Ansel – writer, France

intenSati  incorporates life-affirming awareness in an effortless and enjoyable way. I find the affirmations subtly filter into my subconscious and pop out spontaneously throughout the day helping to uplift and reassure me, strengthen my resolve and calm and comfort me at the same time.  I enjoy the balance between fat-burning, cardio exercises, balance and stretching. There are options to suit everyone’s level of fitness. I would highly recommend intenSati to anyone who wants to see a change in any area of their life or is dissatisfied with the choices they have made in the past (and may still be making) to bring what they truly desire into their lives.   
Helena  – writer, Sydney

If u want to design your life, this is for you. You are the architect and Mirella gives you tools to design your day and your life. She inspires you to give your best,  and rediscover what you already know… to take more risks.
Betty – Greece, Australia

A real workout with positive reinforcement!
Andrew Tosti – Carer

intenSati is a fantastic class to get the heart started and combined with energising affirmations I felt completely refreshed and invigorated @ the end of the class! Awesome way to get the mind and body in tune with each other, and definitely used some muscles which haven’t been used in a while without the stiffness and soreness usually experienced from general cardio style workouts. Will definitely be doing this class again!  Cat

Through intensati, I have experienced substantial spiritual growth an development.   I have more energy, my stress levels are reduced, my balance and flexibility greatly improved. Also, my neck pain has dramatically improved.   I am surprised how quickly the improvement came and I recommend Mirella to both my patients and my friends.   Paul Ameison – Naturopath,Doctor

Testimonials for Restorative Yoga

I’ve enjoyed the time out to just ‘be’ and the chance to go more inwards and focus on my breath. My breathing is deeper and fuller.   These classes are very nurturing and allow you to go gently into a good stretch, without straining. Mirella takes great care to make sure the poses are ‘tailor-made’ for every level of experience.     Sue Farrell – Yoga teacher

This class helps relax and quiet my mind, also stretching tight areas of my body. I now sleep better at night, my focus is clearer and I have more energy for the weekend.   I recommend this course for anyone who is stressed out, has trouble concentrating and suffers from insomnia.  Erica – Chef

Mirella’s restorative yoga classes have a meditative quality,help me de-stress and my flexibility has improved.   I recommend these classes for anyone with a stressful lifestyle to unwind after a busy day. It is ideal for those who struggle with more vigorous styles of yoga. Melissa – Student

I feel calmer, more relaxed and experience less anxiety about work. The tension in my shoulders and other tight muscles has improved.   This series a great way to unwind, learn new breathing techniques and stretch.  Paradise Laycock – Banker

This course is incredibly relaxing, I have more peace of mind, feel more centered and calm. It’s the perfect way to unwind, both physically and mentally. Judy – Self Employed

Testimonials for Beginners Yoga

Mirella’s yogalates and yoga for beginners has been fantastic. I started over a month ago and can really notice the difference in my core strength and energy. I was initially quite nervous about attending a group class, as I have never done any type of group exercise including yoga. However, Mirella is a patient and extra instruction is readily available, so you are never left behind.
Elisabeth – Podiatrist

A great for incororating the basics, developing back and core strength 🙂
Alison Ferrett

Excellent class with lots of instruction. Perfect to ease back into yoga or are new to it.

Pranayama Breathing and Sound Meditation

This is the perfect class if you are struggling with your breathing techniques or have horrible sinus. It really helps the flow of your breath throughout the day!   Nadine

Testimonials for ‘Awareness Adventures’ Yoga retreats

“This was the most amazing week of my life. We met up at a beautiful little retreat hideaway  in The Bay and it all unfolded from there.  My various food requests were willingly noted and supplied, the cooking was superb and the dolphins gave us day after day of their loving attention.

Each day started with dolphinswims and yoga sessions that were tailored to address everyone’s individual needs. We had some fantastic outings, including a traditional Hawaaiian luau feast and dance performance.

It was a deeply rewarding experience. I would encourage anyone who has an interest or enjoys yoga, appreciates nature and personal growth.”

Ishka Massey – Property Developer

“Waking early in paradise after gorgeous, fresh and nurturing meals the nights before, Mirella would intuitively determine, through her fantastic local connections, where the wild spinner dolphins were to be found  that morning.

This flexibility was most welcome in that we were consistently dropping into our hearts rather than following a set habit. I thoroughly appreciated the openness to this while maintaining the rigor of our focused practice on the mat.

Mirella’s years of experience, her deep compassion and personal connection with her pupils, supported me in focusing my attention on my personal competency level. This encouraged me to reach further heights and  explore new depths in my own practice.

I highly recommend you to ‘Go for it’ – I guarantee you’ll come back for more!

FC Baker, Aerospace Engineer,  USA

I joined ‘Awareness Adventures’ in the Greek Islands in 2009.

When I arrived, I was in a very difficult space in my life. I experienced a week of deep healing and profound transformation.

Mirella brings you right into your yoga practice. It’s a state of mind, a way of life and a channel for the mind, body and soul to connect – and be one.  She is authentic – the genuine article!

We all shared some great adventures, tasty meals and good laughs.

With all my heart, I endorse Mirella and her yoga retreats.

Caroline Stoute – Toronto, Canada

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