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Yoga + Pilates = Yogalates

The ultimate fusion of eastern and western therapeutic movement,  it focuses on healthy spinal and joint alignment.

Integrating breath and movement, Yogalates uses a combination of pilates and yoga  to develop core strength, stability and avoid injury.

Yogalates cultivates inner strength to connect and support your external movements. It provides a solid foundation for a safe, yet powerful system to both strengthen, lengthen and balance the muscles for healthy, optimum function.

Yoga asanas tone our internal organs and affect our various body functions e.g. circulation, heart rate, central nervous system, digestion respiratory and endocrine systems.

Pilates is a great tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Together, they can help relieve pain from both pre-existing conditions and work-related injuries.

Yogalates is equally beneficial for beginners, sports enthusiasts, performers and those recovering from illness or injuries.

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