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Yoga for Seniors

Its never  too late to make yoga a part of your life. Many seniors are aware of the role that yoga plays in the prevention of disease, maintaining fitness and enhancing their overall well-being.

Yoga for Seniors  can help avoid loss of bone density, mobility, hardening of the arteries, memory loss and hormonal fluctuations.

The regular practice of yoga will improve circulation, increase lung capacity, strengthen the heart and aid digestive disorders.
Oxygen and nutrients are transported to the cells and toxins eliminated more effectively.

Yoga asanas improve joint mobility, increase muscle flexibility and bone density. Using the body’s resistance, the likelihood of osteoporosis is dramatically reduced.

Deeply relaxing, yoga balances the central nervous system, reducing stress, hypertension and insomnia. It can also aid mild depression, promoting a positive outlook and self confidence.

Pilates will develop core strength to improve posture. Together, yoga and pilates can reduce chronic pain.

Meditation and Pranayama help to revitalise the brain, aiding concentration and improving memory function.

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