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Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for pregnancy Group classes and private sessions for all stages of pregnancy and post natal fitness.

Pre-natal classes support mothers-to-be in adapting to the mental, emotional and physiological changes in the different stages of pregnancy.

A blend of yoga, pranayama breathing and pilates are blended to maintain optimum fitness, alleviate common discomforts and prepare the body for birth.

Post natal classes assist the body to recover from birth and get quickly back into shape. A blend of restorative and energising practices, address the challenges of motherhood. Core stability and strength exercises are emphasised to aid with posture and carrying.

Mums and bubs classes (for pre crawlers) allow you to workout with your bub by your side. We often include exercises that are interactive for mother and baby. They are fun and a great way to keep fit and be social with your little one.

Contact us to organise a class with other women in your community or circle of friends.


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