intenSati brings personal transformation and fitness together into a fun cardio workout for your mind, body, heart and soul. 

A hi intensity and low impact cardio workout,  it is fitness at its most efficient.  Easily adapted to all levels, it incorporates dynamic moves, core strength, balance and yoga.

The word ‘inten’ means intention, ‘Sati’ is the Pali work for mindfulness. intenSati is an empowering practice that gives you the experience of moving beyond limiting beliefs, to generate powerful thoughts, words and actions.
intenSati is a powerful tool to detox  both your body and your mind.  It  involves  your participation. Conscious intention and powerful affirmations  give you the experience of shifting limiting thoughts and to lose excess weight.

It is an evolution in the fitness industry.  Based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Ekhart Tolle and Louise Hay, intenSati is about  aligning with the Law of Attraction and putting it into action. As Gandhi says, ‘Be the change you want to see’!

One hour allows participants not only a fantastic physical workout, but also the mindfulness and tranquility usually derived from yoga.
Embody a mindful practice as you generate powerful thoughts, words and actions in leading an empowered life

‘Living a Life you Love in a Body you Love … One thought at a time.’





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