intenSati – ‘Carp Diem’ Series ~ Starts 16th April

intenSati is a workout for your Body, Mind, Heart n Soul.  Carp Diem means ‘Seize the Day’

Transform discipline into an act of dedication in this deliciously empowering 4 week series.

Feel empowered and ‘at choice’ in your life –  and practice ‘Being the change you want to see’ with intenSati.
This a great opportunity to move forward in areas of your life where you feel ‘stuck’ with  encouragement, inspiration and structure to support you.

intenSati is a low impact cardio workout  with uplifting music, dynamic moves  and powerful affirmations.

Burn off calories as you move your body and free your mind, shifting negative thoughts and belief systems that hold you back from going for what you want in your life.


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