How To Survive Your First Yoga Class

Yoga has been practiced for centuries, and with good reason; the practice simultaneously benefits us emotionally, mentally, and physically. Here are some tips for those of you who are interested in beginning yoga for the first time.

1-  When you step into a beginner’s yoga class, you will find most people won’t be able to touch their toes or sit cross-legged on the floor and will have very little knowledge of yoga. Chances are, you will not see someone performing yoga poses in the same way you have seen in magazines or videos. These are professional teachers or advanced practitioners. Remember it is their job as a yoga teacher to offer you a safe and comfortable place to learn, and they won’t expect you to be anything but a beginner.

2-  Fear of the Unknown often means we avoid trying new things. It is very unlikely that something will happen in a yoga class that you won’t be able to handle. You will probably end up along side people, just like yourself , who want to live happier, healthier lives.

3rd- To help remove some of the ‘fear factor’ let’s go through what is going to happen when you go to a yoga class.

    • Arrive about fifteen minutes before the class on the first day
    • Leave your shoes at the door. Yoga is practiced in bare feet.
    • Check at the desk and let them know it is your first time at the center, they may ask you to fill out a registration form. The staff at the front desk will direct you to the change rooms and then the space where the class will be held.
    • Go to the change room and get changed into your yoga clothes. Wear something that would be suitable for a workout at the gym. Some forms of yoga can be surprisingly sweaty, in a hot and busy Ashtanga class it can sound like it’s raining with all of the drops of sweat hitting the mat! if you know you sweat a lot bring a small clean towel.
    • Many yoga centers will have mats that students may borrow but most people prefer to bring their own for hygienic reasons. if you don’t have one on your first day, don’t worry about it.
    • If you have any serious illness or injuries it is important to let the teacher know before the class begins. You should also check with your doctor before you start any new physical activity.

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