How To Banish Upper Back Pain With Yoga

By far the most common condition that people approach yoga teachers with is pain, stress or tension in their upper back around the shoulder blades, neck and shoulders. Quite often this is caused by sedentary office jobs where people are sat hunched up all day with very poor posture. Humans have evolved to stand up, walk and be active it’s only in the last couple of hundred years that people have begun sitting so much. Today we will look at a beginner-level 10-minute yoga pose that will help you develop the right posture.

Blast Away Tension With ‘The Upward Facing Dog’ Pose

This is a super-simple pose that even beginners can try in the safety and comfort of their own home. Ideally you will have a foam yoga mat and you will begin by wearing loose comfortable clothes. Begin by laying face down on the mat with your legs and feet together. Place your hands parallel with your shoulders as if you were going to do a push-up. Roll your shoulder blades backwards and pinch them together, really try to activate the muscles in your back enough to roll your chest up off the floor.

Top Tip: Check You Are Doing It Right!

If you are really using your back muscles, your shoulders should not be raised towards your ears. Your shoulder blades should be pulled back and you can check this by taking your hands away. If you are doing the post correctly you should be able to support yourself with your chest off the floor simply by using your back muscles, not your hands. To complete the position, put your hands back and push yourself up. You should be stretching up with an arched back and just your tummy touching the floor. Hold this position before relaxing and repeating.

Find A Yoga Course Near You

Many yoga centers offer course specifically for people with back pain. You can join a drop-in class to see whether you like it first before signing up for a full course. The best courses will be run by qualified, experienced instructors who have lots of experience helping people with back pain. If you are just getting started with yoga then drop-in classes or full courses are a great way to build your confidence in a supportive environment. You should be able to easily find a beginner class for people just like you. You’ll be able to build up a repertoire of moves you can practice at home in between lessons.

Try Private Lessons

Some people find classes quite intimidating and it’s true that other people may be in better shape or have better coordination than you do. The key is to stop worrying; lots of people will be in exactly the same situation as you are and classes are very friendly and inclusive. If you would rather have a private class though, this is possible too. The advantages of these are that the teacher can come to your home if you wish and you certainly stand to make faster progress with one-to-one care and attention. With the right positions, you’ll be well on your way to banishing back pain!

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