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Yoga, Pilates and Meditation ~ Sydney CBD

Come to us or we can come to you.

Private sessions for Individuals and Groups
One-on-One introductory packages include a FREE yoga mat

Turn your work day around with a private Yoga, Pilates or Meditation session in our conveniently located city studio, at your hotel or in your workplace.

With an increasing demand in our daily schedules, it can be a challenging to find the time to keep fit and healthy.

Schedule your yoga or pilates class at a convenient time for you, making your wellbeing easy and realistic to incorporate into your work day.

Yoga can be practiced at any age or phase of life, including pregnancy. Each session will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our private yoga classes provide you with great tools for your optimum wellbeing, whether as a preventive approach or to support you in healing chronic pain, injury, stress and anxiety, or simply following a life event or transition.

There are plenty of benefits:
  • Reduce anxiety and cope with stress
  • Loose weight on your lunch break
  • Improve posture and reduce pain
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Cultivate core strength
  • Relax and revitalise

Turn your workday around!

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