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Corporate Yoga & Pilates Trial Package

3 group classes for $300*
Onsite at your office or in our CBD Studio

There is a rapidly growing rise in stress levels, RSI and work-related injuries.

Anxiety, depression, tension and stress are now becoming commonplace.

Imagine an environment that supports fitness, stress reduction and improved workplace relations, creating a new benchmark for productivity.

Boost your team’s morale and be rewarded with improved efficiency.

Our qualified professional staff will ensure personalized attention for all ages and fitness levels.

There are plenty of benefits:
  • Ability to deal with stress & deadlines
  • Reduced RSI and work related injuries
  • Clearer focus & decision making
  • Improved health & fitness
  • Lower rate of absenteeism
  • Builds team spirit
  • Motivation & increased productivity

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Each participant will receive an added Bonus
  • 20% OFF Yoga mats
  • 10% OFF our One day and Weekend Getaways
  • FREE ‘Yoga for Insomnia’ ebook

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