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Three Diets That Can Help to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Yoga refers to a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices which originate from India. Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to relax, unwind and improve your strength and flexibility. While many people think that yoga … Read More

Introducing Corporate Yoga Into Your Office Environment

There are a few companies in the world that are often subjected to a lot of stress. If you run such a company, it’s important that you try and find ways of reducing the stress that your staff members are … Read More

5 Ways To Get Your Young Kids Into Yoga

Yoga is an amazing gift to give kids as it helps them develop a healthy posture and a calm mind. Being a non-competitive activity, yoga is a safe and enjoyable way for kids to have fun while building their bodies. … Read More

6 Alternatives to Joining a Gym to Stay Fit and Healthy

It’s true that there are advantages of joining a gym, a trainer, varieties of equipments, ample space, and so on. However, you cannot ignore the downside of joining a gym either, including waiting for your turn to use equipments, expensive … Read More

How To Banish Upper Back Pain With Yoga

By far the most common condition that people approach yoga teachers with is pain, stress or tension in their upper back around the shoulder blades, neck and shoulders. Quite often this is caused by sedentary office jobs where people are … Read More

5 Fabulous Health Benefits From Doing Yoga While You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is a different experience for all women. Some enjoy it while others have such a rough time that all they think about is how they are never having another baby! In the end, we all know how things change … Read More

Overweight? How To Survive Your First Yoga Class

While the politically correct term for the ‘F-word’ might be big-boned, cuddly or fluffy, there’s no hiding that even beginner yoga positions can cause extreme embarrassment and frustration for people who are overweight. It’s fine to be both fat and … Read More

NEW Course Series – Yoga for Lower Body and Back Pain

Is lower back pain limiting your sense of wellbeing? Learn to move safely, while relieving symptoms of lower back pain, with a series of asana and core strength exercises. Drawing from Vini yoga therapy, traditional hatha yoga and pilates principles, we will focus on improving your posture, relaxing your … Read More

Yoga: it’s never too late to reap the benefits

Yoga can help fight stiffness, hardening of the arteries, hormonal fluctuations, depression and bone loss of bone density. And, says Josephine Fairley, you can start at any age First, to inspire awe at how this form of physical exercise, popularized in the … Read More

5 Tips To Keep Your Yoga Practice on Track!!!

On our last entry, we share with you How To Survive Your First Yoga Class and everything is going great. You have been doing yoga but you can feel yourself slipping. Here are Five easy tips for keeping yourself on the … Read More

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