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Mirella Parry is a yoga therapist, health expert and the the director  of Yoga Sati Life.

Dedicated to her physical and spiritual wellbeing, she embarked on the path of yoga, wholistic health and personal transformation,  28 years ago.

Beginning her journey as a body worker and natural therapist, she was always fascinated with the connection between the body and mind. She  enjoyed a powerful yoga practice and verious forms of dance. Iit was not until 1993, after suffering the repercussions of a car accident, that she delved more deeply into yoga therapy and pilates to heal her injury.

Her passion for yoga, therapeutic movement and a love of travel have taken her  around the globe. She has trained in both dynamic and more restorative styles from Byron Bay to  India, Thailand and the USA. The teachers who have  influenced and inspired her the most  are  Judith Lasater,  Louise Solomon,  John Olgivie, Gary Graftslow, Elise Browning Miller, Shiva Rea, Patricia Moreno, Louisa Sear, and Muktananda Stiles, Well known for her  unique approach in  nurturing the needs of each individual,  she powerfully  guides her students in embracing a balanced healthy practice.

‘ Make your practice a dedication vs a discipline. I invite you to deeply listen and  be present.  Explore opening up, sensing the aliveness and deep stillness within each moment. It is here that we expand and new possibilities arise.’

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