5 Ways To Get Your Young Kids Into Yoga


Yoga is an amazing gift to give kids as it helps them develop a healthy posture and a calm mind. Being a non-competitive activity, yoga is a safe and enjoyable way for kids to have fun while building their bodies. Here are the five best ways to help enthuse your kids and introduce them to the world of yoga.

#1. Buy Some Yoga Pretzels

These are giant-sized cards with vivid and colorful illustrations, perfect for little hands. They come in packs showing different positions suitable for kids of all ages. These cards have an easy to understand color-coded system from easy poses to more challenging ones. Each pose is linked to an animal or object such as a tree that kids will love to emulate. The cards break the poses down into simple steps with pictures and written instructions. These are the perfect introduction to basic yoga positions for any kid.

#2. Use A Yoga App

If you allow your child to have a smart phone or tablet, apps are available that will help introduce them to the wonderful world of yoga. Some apps use animal poses (like the pretzels) while others just use cartoons and engaging pictures. Whether you use Windows, Android or iOS there are plenty of yoga apps available targeted directly at kids and most of them are free. Apps can help kids learn a little quicker than cards as there are often animations. These are perfect for kids to use on their own but should still be followed under adult supervision.

#3. Buy A Yoga Kit

If the cards and apps go down a storm, you’ll know that your kids have been bitten by the yoga bug. A good way to turn their initial enthusiasm into a habit is to buy them their own yoga kit. This could include a whole range of things but at a bare minimum, it should have a yoga mat and some comfortable clothes. This will help them develop their strength and flexibility safely and give them self-esteem as they become more engrossed in learning yoga moves.

#4. Join In!

Instead of simply supervising your child, try joining in yourself and giving some support. It is helpful for children to see how yoga can be challenging for adults too. You can model how to deal with setbacks and show your child how regular practice can lead to increased flexibility. Showing your child that yoga is something important enough for you to consider doing is the best way to instill a lifelong love of yoga.

#5. Enroll Your Child In A Kids Yoga Class

You could start with this step but there is always the chance that it could back fire with very young kids. Finding a great kids yoga teacher near you is as simple as searching online for yoga classes in Sydney. You have the choice of enrolling your child in a class or hiring the teacher to give one-on-one lessons at your home at a time of your convenience. If your child takes a shine to yoga, lessons will be a great investment in their future health and happiness.

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